Suggested Letter Template

The Minister of Finance will be announcing the 2018 Budget in February. This provides the public with another chance to highlight the important need for additional funding for speech-language therapy services for young children in BC, so that the recommendations from the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services’ Report on the Budget 2018 Consultation make it into the 2018 Budget.

Below is a suggested letter template that you can copy and paste to send to Carole James, the Minister of Finance and Deputy Premier. Use the entire letter below if you plan to send a hard copy letter. Or, if you plan to send an email, you can start copying at “Dear Minister James…” and send to

Anything that is bold and inside square parentheses is meant to be deleted so that you can add your personal details. Please modify the following letter as much or as little as you like. If you would like to write your own letter from scratch, that is great!

If you have difficulties copying and pasting from this site, you can download and customize this Microsoft Word (.docx) file, Budget 2018 Letter.

[If sending a hard copy letter,
your address here]


Honourable Carole James
Minister of Finance and Deputy Premier
Room 153 Parliament Buildings
Victoria, British Columbia V8V 1X4

Dear Minister James:

I was [relieved/happy/excited/] to see the following recommendation in the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services’ Report on the Budget 2018 Consultation:

Recommendation #20. Prioritize and increase funding for speech-language pathology services for children to address the urgent need for access to timely and effective services, and to ensure an appropriate number of speech-language pathologists are available to assist young children prior to starting kindergarten.

I’m hoping you will incorporate the aforementioned recommendation into the 2018 Budget. This is important to me because [please add your own reason(s) here, if more than one reason we suggest using bullet points].

Thank you for your time.


[Your name here]


Author: Communication Matters

An SLP Advocacy Group for Young Children #CommunicationMattersBC